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Once Upon A Time Big Bang Community

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The Reluctant Princess
sidhe_faerie wrote in onceuponabang

The Reluctant Princess
Author: sidhe_faerie
Artist: casper_san
Link to art: Art is here
Word Count: 11527
Rating: G
Summary: After the cloud of purple smoke covers the town of Storybrooke, the residents find themselves back in the Enchanted Forest. Emma must adjust to the life of a fairy tale Princess while she raises her son. At the ball given by Ella and Thomas, she meets her true love once again. But even fairy tale life isn’t all that simple. Shadows of Emma’s past (Henry’s Father) and their connections to an unexpected person give her new life a shaky start.
Disclaimer: Once Upon A Time and its characters are the property of ABC/Disney and its creators. We do not profit from this work in any way
Thanks to snarkysweetness for her beta work.
Link to fic:
AO3 Link
Livejournal Cover Page Link (All chapters are linked together at the bottom)