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Once Upon A Time Big Bang Community

Posting Schedule
other: the bunnies made me do it
tromana wrote in onceuponabang
3rd - ladyoneill with evian_fork
4th - ahkna with evian_fork
5th - maidenjedi with casper_san
6th - ariestess with theonlyspl (little)
7th - ariestess with theonlyspl (big)
8th - sidhe_faerie with casper_san
9th - volgyi_viki with casper_san
10th - 12th - Amnesty Days

Everyone who requested a date got the one they asked for. Those who didn't have been randomly assigned. If you find you cannot post on your date for whatever reason, please use the amnesty days.

For posting, please use the following guidelines.

* The title of the post should be your story title
* Please tag the post with the big/little/mini bang (as appropriate) and the !round: 1 tag.
* You're welcome to include ONE piece of artwork in your masterpost but it cannot be any bigger than 500x500px.

Please format your post using this header:

Thank you!